Your Midwife Recommendations

I asked on the Kiwi Birth Tales Instagram for your recommendations of Midwives across New Zealand because I often get messages asking if I know of anyone or did my followers have ideas - it can be hard to find a Midwife in NZ who is available and can be nice to know they have come recommended when you’re searching.

I found it difficult when looking for a Midwife as there are many to choose from but when I had a list I thought I would like to work with, none of them were available (and I was only 4 weeks). I had a recommendation from a friend and luckily she was available, but I wondered how I would have found one I was confident with before meeting them without her recommendation. Hopefully this list can act as a tool to make your search easier.

Of course, there will be amazing NZ Midwives who are not on this list and I am not suggesting yours isn’t perfect because she isn’t here. However, you may find this useful when looking for a Midwife in your area if you feel like you are getting stuck!

Good luck with your pregnancy journey! xx



Maree Morgan


Liz Harding - Mama Maternity

Amy Brown

Matty Van Oosterom (North Shore)

Green Bay Midwives

Karen Carson - Cottage Midwives

Tracey Smith - West Auckland

Lizzie Pike (North Shore)

Nicole Lawal - Cottage Midwives

Claire Eyes

Olivia Fraser

Neta Levi - East Auckland

Rebecca Hockey

Donna Fowles (Home Births)

Midwives For You - South Auckland

The Cottage Midwives

Karen Nelson - West Auckland

Hibiscus Coast Midwives

Karen Lovelock

Sue Lewis - West Auckland

Amie Holt

Steph Thomson

Beatrice Leatham

Vicki Wickliffe

Hauraki Midwives - North Shore

Lyden Shannahan - North Shore

Kathryn Powell

Varni Achary

Sam Lauchlin

Roz Gartey

Carol Hedgeman

Penelope Harrison - East Auckland

Annie Menzies (Green Bay Midwives)

Gemma Cleary

Sam Savage

Jaimee McLindon - East Auckland

Jo Mendoza

Kim Hayley-George (Rodney Area)

Margie Ireland - East Auckland

Sarah Martin

Gina Meredith

Jocleyn Boddie

Katie Wilkinson - Central Auckland

Penelope Harrison - East Auckland


Cambridge Midwives

Karene Clark

Tina Gillies

Dawn McHugh

Ange Kingi

Lucy Ross

Lara Evans

Michelle Lord

Kimba Allison

Ange Kingi

Kim Stead

Michelle Kingston White

Julie Jensen

Nicole Johansen

Larissa Grandi

Fiona Goldfinch

Kotahi Midwives

Steph Murray

Tui Lee

Debbie Fawcett

Jo Mounsey

Julia Fransen

Lucy Ross

Jo Simpson

Julie Mayall

Frances Good

Kristin Rouse

Tracey Craw


Maioha Midwives

Beth Matthews


Shaye Laird

Charlotte Holland

Lyn Allport

Andrea Smith (Papamoa)

Keri Schichka

Bay Births Bethlehem

Andy Smith

Kelly Pidgeon

Chloe Steens

Deb Boyd

Helen Anderson

Vicqui Pettit

Cara Kellet

Michelle Lasslett

Tracey Wright

Jeanette Howard

Bump and Beyond Midwives

Raigan Hodgson

Marissa Wright

Robyn Phillips

Gillian Sims

Kathy Hannah


Toni Leigh

Whakatane / Kawerau

Jen Davis

Louise Powers

Hawkes Bay

Kerri Smith

Kylie Gilbert

Claire Brogan

Palmerston North

Cheryl Benn

Fiona McKenzie

Trish Cleland

Nicky Hamdi-Pacha

Amanda Douglas

Lesa Haynes

Katte Johnston

Heretaunga Street Midwives

Dawn Jacobs

Simone Vautier

Sarah Remnant

Michaela Dunn

Lesa Haynes

Chelsea van Duin

Robyn Roy

Karen Knox


Isobel Bedford

Angela Worthington

New Plymouth  

Angela Worthington

Louise Hannah

Vic Robinson


Carla Leeksma-Redmond

Ang Pollard


Angelika Mollman

Claire Brogan


Kirsty Larkin-Heald


Briar Ferris

Te Awamutu

Karene Clark

Kimba Allison


New Beginnings - Lower Hutt

Lynley Thomas

Helen McGregor

Wellington Midwifery Group

Alison Barkman

Wanni Tam


Kelleigh Sheffield Cranstoun - Endeavour Midwifery

Cherie Carline

Domino Midwives



Jan Stewart

Mel Laughton

Birth Rite Midwives

Renee Ritchie

Leianne O’Brien

Rebecca Harris - Halswell Midwives

Jackie Snowden

Ange Hewett

Molly Bool

Moon Li Chu

Rachael Campagnolo

Mary Campbell

Jenny Craddock

Durham Street Midwives

Jay Beamont

Michelle de Faoite

Nicci Will

Jayne Huntley

Rae Bushby

Tania Ramsay

Kim McManus

Rosie Roberts

Helen Fraser

Jess Skinner

Jodi Borren - Danu Midwives

Elizabeth Clink

Courtney Halliday - Otautahi Midwives

Rebecca Harris

Loren Creedon (especially for multiples birth)

Bec Sutherland

Dani ellert

Tayna Sands - Your Choice Midwives

Vicki de Grut


Cathy Middleton

Shona Wills

Emma Barnett


Bonnie Kite

Bernie Archer

Jane Pleasance

Janet Street Midwifery


Vanessa Oswell


Nicki Sutton

Kate Taal

Jane Robinson

Keli Van Gerwin

Central Otago

New Beginnings

Maria Stanley

Nadine Pauley


Anne Valentine

Maddi Rogers

Kelly Allen

Sandy Collins

Mama Midwives


Anna Campbell


Deb Harvey

North Canterbury

Ange Hewett

Jackie Snowden

Lindsay Braddock


Lynda Smith


Sandy Sigel

Anna Campbell