Leaving the house with a Newborn

The question crosses my mind often as others share their experiences with me, what they did with their Newborn and what is ‘normal’ (to them), when is the right time to take your newborn out in public? My own Mum didn’t leave the house with me until I was 6 weeks old except for the odd trip to her Mums or a walk at the park which shocked me when she said it initially however it seems it isn’t unusual.

I asked the question on Kiwi Birth Tales Instagram page - ‘When did you first take your newborn out?’ with particular interest in taking them to public places like Cafes or Supermarkets. I’ve listed the responses below in groups, remembering there is no right or wrong here, instead creating interesting conversation and providing families with ideas of what others do.

The majority of all responders said they would use a carseat / capsule cover when taking their baby out for the first month or so, or alternatively they would babywear them. There were a lot of responders who also said they didn’t wait when their children were newborns but the current Measles situation in New Zealand would make them reconsider if they were to have a baby now.


8+ Weeks
Around 10% of responders didn’t visit public places until their baby was 8+ weeks old, the main reasons for this were the 6 Week immunisations would be fully effective after 2 weeks so they chose to wait. This doesn’t include leaving the house for walks around the neighbourhood or visiting close family.

6 Weeks
30% of responders waited to visit public places until their baby was 6 weeks old and had their first round of immunisations.

2 - 4 Weeks
This was the most popular answer with around 40% of responders saying they took their newborn out in public places between 2-4 weeks, the main reasons for this were that it was when Mum was feeling most comfortable, had recovered from birth, felt more confident breastfeeding or built up the courage to go out (some sighting they had anxiety around taking their baby out but they needed to do so for their mental health).

1 Week or Less
Around 20% of responders went out in public with their newborn within a week of them being born. This group often said they had older children that required the new baby went with them to do things for example sports or kindy drop offs.

The majority who replied to this question said they would do their best to be sensible and prevent the public from looking into their capsule cover, touching the baby or getting too close however acknowledged this wasn’t always possible.

Jordyn Gregory