Episode 17 - Renee & Emmie

In Episode 17 I talk with Renee about the birth of baby Emmie. Renee takes us through her quick journey to pregnancy after deciding to start "not not trying", antenatal anxiety and depression, her preconceptions about the birth she wanted and the very positive birth she ended up having. 

Renee gave birth to Emmie in a birthing pool with no drugs and recovered well. When Emmie was born Renee talks about how her Anxiety / Depression lifted and she felt like a different person again. She also takes us through her breastfeeding journey in which she started mix feeding with pumping / formula top ups from 12 days. 

Emmie is a beautiful little girl and if you'd like to check Renee and her family out on Instagram you can do so @whatreneewrites

Jordyn Gregory