Episode 36: Renata, Eli, Sebastian and Xavier

In this episode of Kiwi Birth Tales I speak with Renata about her 3 birth stories. Renata has 3 gorgeous boys and their births were all very different. 

Renata takes us through her PCOS journey, a CSection and how that was different from her two vaginal births, recovery from all 3 different births and also dealing with loss. She talks about the difference in age gap between her three boys and her tips for mums with young children close in age. 

This is such a lovely story from Renata, who owns Little Mash (a lovely childrens store in Hamilton and Online) as well as a new brand Lila Jasmine, it’s focus is nourishing the minds & bodies of mothers & babies, their first product is a lactation bar and I am looking forward to the rest of their line!

Thanks for joining me Renata - if you want to check out Little Mash and Renata on Instagram you can do so @little_mash

Jordyn Gregory