Episode 49 - Olivia & Gus

In Episode 49 of Kiwi Birth Tales I speak with Olivia about the birth of her son Gus. Olivia takes us through her experience falling pregnant unexpectedly, being on her feet all day with her job and the things she did to keep fit and healthy. Olivia also discusses the Hypnobirthing materials she used to prepare for her birth and her mindset leading into labour. 

Olivia went into labour at home at 39 weeks and things progressed very quickly, expecting it to be a long labour she was advised to keep doing what she was doing at home but when the midwife arrived to check her Olivia was 9cm dilated and they rushed to the Birth Centre where she gave birth to Gus on arrival. 

Olivia then discusses her experience with breastfeeding, her journey as a new Mum and her experience with the Post Baby Blues. Olivia talks about what she did to seek help and has some great advice for others who may be experiencing the same things. 

Thanks for joining me on the Podcast Olivia!

Jordyn Gregory