Episode 16 - Mo & Brixton

In Episode 16 I talk with Mo Mc Reynolds about the birth of her Baby Boy, Brixton. Brixton was born at 38 weeks after Mo had been dancing all night earlier in the week at an Adele Concert and had just finished up work. Mo discusses the difficulty she had with the stand in Midwife, who told her she could push without checking her dilation only to find out Mo was only 8cm after 4 hours of exhausting pushing. After being transferred from the Birth Centre to Hospital, Mo was 10cm dilated and very soon after, Brixton was born. 

Mo talks with me about her recovery from birth both physically and emotionally, as well as her experience with Breastfeeding, eventually moving to exclusively pumping for 8 months. 

If you'd like to check out Mo and her family on Instagram you can do so @mmcreynolds1

Jordyn Gregory