Episode 47 - Lena & Lukas

In Episode 47 of Kiwi Birth Tales Lena takes us through her pregnancy and birth journey with son Lukas. Lena explains her experience with a long labour ending in complications that needed intervention to help bring Lukas into the world, she was too far progressed for a CSection.

Lena discusses how needing stitches was her worst fear with childbirth and as this ended up happening she needed extra support from her Midwife and aftercare team, that she didn't receive. Lena talks us through what she now knows was not a normal experience in recovery and what she would advocate for in a second pregnancy and birth experience.

Lena finishes our chat with what has helped her the most in dealing with the trauma associated with her birth - seeing a counsellor who specialises in birth and it's a positive outcome at the end of a long journey.

Thanks again for joining me on the podcast Lena.

Jordyn Gregory