Episode 50 - Lauren, Abigail & Patrick

In Episode 50 of Kiwi Birth Tales I interview Lauren about her journey to Motherhood, Lauren takes us through her long fertility journey as she was diagnosed with PCOS and Endometriosis. Lauren tried for years to get pregnant before seeking help where she was put on Clomophine unsuccessfully, after suffering a miscarriage Lauren was referred to Fertility Associates Christchurch and during this time they decided to work with Oranga Tamariki on the possibility of becoming parents that way. After a short time a 6 month old baby girl was brought into their care and they were now parents to Abigail. 

Lauren takes us through going ahead with fertility treatments while adjusting to being parents of a 6 month old, falling pregnant after the first round of embryo implantation with their son Patrick. 

Lauren was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes at 34 weeks and discusses the problems this caused her with eating and managing her levels at home. At 37 weeks Lauren went into labour with her waters breaking at home, eventually heading to the hospital where labour slowed down. After an induction and epidural Lauren made it to 9cm when the Epidural began to wear off, the Midwife could see a Cervical Lip that meant Patrick was not able to fully descend down the birth canal and after trying to assist the call was made to move to an Emergency C Section. 

Lauren takes us through her experience with the C-Section, recovering after birth and also her breastfeeding journey which she is still on at 19 months with Patrick. 

This episode is packed with a lot of information and Lauren shares her experience so openly with us all which I am so grateful for. Thanks again for joining me on the Podcast Lauren. 

Jordyn Gregory