Episode 18 - Laura & Cohen

In Episode 18 I speak with Laura about the birth of her baby boy Cohen who is 1 year old. Laura is currently pregnant and due with her second baby end of January in which she is planning to have another Home Birth.

Before falling pregnant with Cohen, Laura had 2 Miscarriages which made her anxious for the entirity of her pregnancy. Her Midwife supported her through the anxiety and they made the decision together to try and birth at Home. 

Laura was 10 days overdue when she went into labour, the labour was much quicker than everyone had expected it to be. Laura tells us about her positive and calm Home Birthing experience, after Cohen was born the Placenta came so fast it ended up being caught in a Cooking Pot as no one was prepared. Laura had a good recovery from Birth and was back playing Basketball 3 weeks later. 

Lauras Anxiety started to flare up when she was Breastfeeding Cohen, so they switched to formula and the Anxiety subsided. Not long afterwards, Lauras period came back and a few months later she fell pregnant again. I wish Laura all the luck and love for this time around. 

If you want to check out Laura on Instagram you can do so @lauraannswambo

Jordyn Gregory