Episode 28 - Kendall, Brooklyn & The Quads

In Episode 28 of Kiwi Birth Tales I speak with Kendall about the birth of her son Brooklyn, and then the birth of her Quadruplets Indie, Molly, Quinn and Hudson. 

Kendall takes us through the surprise pregnancy with Brooklyn after being told it would be extremely difficult for her to fall pregnant, severe Hyperemesis Gravidarum, Emergency CSection and life threatening complications post birth with retained placenta. Kendall also talks about her breastfeeding experience with Brooklyn and adjusting to life as a new Mum when she had to spend weeks in the hospital. 

Kendall then talks about her fertility issues, trying for years to get pregnant again and eventually falling pregnant but losing the baby. After seeking help from a Doctor and a round of Clomiphine, Kendall fell pregnant and was told at the initial scan she had one healthy baby. Kendall suffered again from extreme HG ending up in hospital which is when she was then told she was having twins, then triplets, then quadruplets! Kendall discusses processing that information and their decision making process from there. The Quads were born via CSection after Kendall went into labour and she then talks about their experience in the NICU, life as Mum to 5 children and how they are adjusting to their busy household as a family. 

Kendall is a superwoman, but she is also so lovely and down to earth - I enjoy following their journey on instagram @quad_mum_plus_one if you haven't already checked them out, you should! 

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me Kendall! 

Jordyn Gregory