Episode 22 - Kate & Freya

In Episode 22 I talk with Kate Mc Cormick about the birth of her first daughter Freya. Kate was 19 when she gave birth to Freya and takes us through their journey to pregnancy, finding out they had Marginal Cord Insertion while pregnant and then being induced at 38.5 weeks. 

Kate had a long induction process, which ended up in an Emergency C-Section, Kate had to be put to sleep as the epidural wore off / wasn't working before the C-Section which was a traumatic experience for Kate and her Husband. 

Post Birth Kate experienced complications with her C-Section recovery about 3 weeks later, needing to be in and out of hospital. When Freya was 4 weeks old she was rushed to Hospital due to Apnea where she stopped breathing, she also had another one of these episodes a few weeks later - there has been no cause discovered for these which has resulted in Kate experiencing Post Natal Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress. 

If you want to check out Kate and her lovely family on Instagram you can do so @mrskatemccormick

Thanks for joining me on the Podcast Kate!

Jordyn Gregory