Episode 41 - Jess, Waiora & Te Makoha

In Episode 41 I speak with Jess Massey about her two Home Births. Jess takes us through her first birth in which she practiced hypnobirthing techniques from videos online as well as reading various books on calm birthing practices. Jess explains her dimly lit room, positive affirmations and incredible water birth with her daughter, which then took a turn when her daughter was taken from her chest while she birthed the Whenua (placenta) and was stitched up as she had a bad tear. Jess wasn't checked again after her birth between two midwives, and ended up with serious complications with her stitches and wound which resulted in post partum trauma and a difficult time bonding with her daughter. It wasn't until Jess saw a Gynaecologist that she was given the support she needed and began healing.

Jess then talks us through falling pregnant quickly with her son, being extremely anxious because of her previous experiences and finding a different Midwife where she knew she was going to get the support she needed. This birth experience was completely different for Jess and she didn't have any tearing, which was one of the requests she had of her midwife that she wanted help with. As a result Jess was able to hold her son for a long time after he was born and she believes this has helped their bond and breastfeeding journey. It was so lovely to hear of this healing birth after the first experience Jess had.

Thanks again for joining me on the Podcast Jess - if you want to check out her family on Instagram you can do so @j_e_c_massey

Jordyn Gregory