Episode 38 - Jess & Stevie

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In Episode 38 of Kiwi Birth Tales I talk with Jessica Britten about the birth of her beautiful baby girl Stevie. Jess takes us through her struggles with conception due to the removal of a cyst and part of her ovary at 27 and low AMH levels which lead to freezing her eggs through IVF. Jess falls pregnant with Stevie after around 8 months of trying, and talks about her pregnancy journey, her new body as a pregnant woman and some methods she used to try and prepare for labour and birth. 

Jess talks about her hypnobirthing classes as well as the book she read which she highly recommends - Birth Skills by Juju Sundin, which combined gave Jess the skills she needed to use during her labour and birth. 

Stevie was born after a 6 hour active labour, in the Water at Parnell Birth Centre in Auckland. This was such a positive and empowering experience for Jess, which she does such a great job of sharing with us all. Jess also talks through her breastfeeding journey and adjusting to life with a newborn. 

Thanks so much for joining me this week on the Podcast Jess - if you want to check out Jess and her family on instagram you can do so @hallweneed.

Jordyn Gregory