Episode 11 - Jenny, Hannah, Tara, Eliza, Hope & Anneliese

In Episode 11 of Kiwi Birth Tales I speak with Jenny Chapman. Jenny has had 5 births, all daughters where she has given birth 4 times in the hospital and once at home (decided at 40 weeks).

Jenny talks about the loss of her second daughter Tara in 2014, sadly Tara passed away with Cancer. When Jenny fell pregnant after Tara passed she was worried about the grief of that loss coming through during her birth experience, but with the help of hypnobirthing and therapy Jenny was able to have a lovely drug free birth with Hope. 

Jennys final birth with Anneliese was at home, she decided at 40 weeks that she wanted to birth at home surrounded by her older children, she talks about this experience for them and how healing that has been for her and her family.

Jenny is incredibly strong and tells her stories of birth so well, I know you are going to get a lot out of this episode.

If you want to check out Jenny on Instagram you can do so @jennychapz_ she is also an author of "Nga reo e toru / Three Languages" which is a childrens book that is worthwhile looking into! 

J xx

Jordyn Gregory