Episode 13 - Jasmine, Alexa & Lincoln

In Episode 13 I speak with Jasmine about her 2 births with Alexa and Lincoln. Jasmine fell unexpectedly pregnant at 16 with Alexa while living at home with her family. Jasmine takes us through her long labour and experience feeling isolated and not listened to by the staff at the Hospital as she was young. Her first birth ended in an episiotomy and extreme PTSD after Alexas birth. Jasmine suffered from Post Natal Depression and Anxiety, which continued into diagnosed Depression later on. This then had an impact when Jasmine fell pregnant 4 years later with Lincoln. 

Lincolns birth was the opposite of Alexas, and Jasmine describes it as a very healing experience which is such a nice story to hear. 

Jasmine is pregnant with her third, expecting in 2019. If you'd like to check out Jasmine and her lovely family on Instagram you can do so @jasminehiku

Jordyn Gregory