Episode 26 - Jana, Eddie & Thea

In Episode 26 I talk with Jana about the birth of her two babes Eddie & Thea. Jana takes us through falling pregnant unexpectedly and going through a miscarriage with her first baby, then falling pregnant again 3 months later. 

Jana was showing signs of Preeclampsia and was induced at 38 weeks, after 20 hours and an epidural Eddie was born after about 14 minutes of pushing. Jana had to stay in the hospital for a few nights post birth as she was showing signs of organ failure but after being cleared by the renal team she was able to go home. After about a week Jana then experienced some very serious complications where she was struggling to breathe, initially thinking it was an asthma attack but after being checked over in the hospital she was immediately admitted and rushed to emergency with heart failure. Jana spent a week in the hospital with Eddie but made a quick recovery. 

Jana then takes us through her second pregnancy with Thea - a planned birthing unit birth. Jana went for an iron infusion at 39 weeks an woke in the wee hours of the morning with contractions, Jana spent a short time in the shower and then realised her body was telling her she needed to push. Janas Mum called the Midwife and she made it over just in time to deliver Thea on the bedroom floor, an unplanned homebirth and one she describes as an amazing experience. 

Thanks for joining me on the Podcast Jana! If you want to check out their awesome family you can do so @bringingupthebassicks

Jordyn Gregory