Episode 14 - Freya, Aubrey & Frankie

In Episode 14 I talk with Freya Adams about the birth of her Fraternal Twin Girls Aubrey and Frankie. Freya discusses the surprise of finding out they were pregnant, and then with twins, her uncomplicated pregnancy and induction at 38 weeks. 

Freyas labour progressed after induction, eventually Freya decided on an epidural and was quickly 10cm following that. Both girls were born Vaginally, with a small tear requiring a few stitches afterwards. Twin 2 spent a short time in the NICU as she had water in her lungs, but she was able to join Freya and Willow (Dad) not long after. 

This is a really positive multiples birth story, Freya does a great job of talking about her experience and I hope you love the episode as much as I do. 

If you'd like to check out Freya and the girls on Instagram you can do so @freya.adams

Jordyn Gregory