Episode 27 - Emma and Amèlie

In Episode 27 I talk to Emma Tevita about the birth of her daughter Amèlie. Emma had an ectopic pregnancy in 2016 with one of her fallopian tubes rupturing, meaning she wouldn't be able to conceive without IVF. Emma takes us through her IVF experience and falling pregnant, along with the highs and lows with having complications that caused anxiety around being pregnant. 

Emma then takes us through her induction, epidural and long pushing experience which resulted in an episiotomy - Amèlie was stuck behind Emmas pelvic bone and her midwife needed to intervene to help get Amèlie out, which ended up meaning Amèlies clavicle was broken in the process of getting her free, she was then out within a matter of minutes. 

Emma takes us through processing her birth experience, being a Mum to a newborn and dealing with lack of milk supply for the first 10 days due to retained placenta and the amount of blood she lost when the doctors and midwives were trying to ensure it was all removed. 

Emma takes me through dealing with guilt around formula feeding, but quickly realising how much of a change it made in their stress levels and Amèlie was like a new baby afterwards. 

Emma has a very interesting story she has shared with us all and I am so grateful she gave me her time, thanks Emma. 

Jordyn Gregory