Episode 30 - Eden, Nellie & Waylon

In Episode 30 I speak with Eden Crowley about the births of Nellie & Waylon. Eden takes us through her first pregnancy, in which she suffered morning sickness and went to 41+5, ending up being induced and needing assistance with a forceps delivery in which she didn't feel in control. Nellies cord snapped which was a concern as she was born, but she was a healthy 4.71kg baby girl. 

Eden was determined to have more control over her 2nd birth with Waylon, after finding out she needed to be induced due to preeclampsia at 37 weeks, she managed to have a Vaginal birth unassisted and was able to ensure she asked for what she wanted during her labour. 

These birth stories are a contrast both in Edens experience and also in the impact that then had on the birth. 

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me Eden! 

Jordyn Gregory