Episode 39 - Courtney & Afia

In Episode 39 of Kiwi Birth Tales I talk to Courtney Iosefo who takes us through the birth story of her daughter Afia. Courtney fell pregnant quickly with Afia and had a smooth pregnancy journey going into spontaneous labour at the end of 39 weeks. 

Courtney had planned an unmedicated Birth Centre birth, however things quickly progressed as she laboured at home and when her Midwife came back to check on her, Courtney was ready to have her baby. Although nervous about a Home Birth Courtney had such a positive experience and is now a Home Birth advocate. Afia was born 6lbs and was later transferred to Hospital to be checked as she was small, where she remained for 3 days before coming home. 

Courtney also takes us through her breastfeeding journey and her experience adjusting to life as a Mother, which is so lovely to hear. 

I hope you enjoy this episode, if you'd like to check Courtney out on Instagram you can do so @courtneyiosefo

Jordyn Gregory