Episode 21 - Christian, Mark & Frankie

In Episode 21 I talk with Christian Newman about the birth and after birth of their lovely baby boy Frankie (Francis). Christian takes us through the journey himself and Mark (his partner) went through to find a surrogate, the process for surrogacy and fertility, the birth of Frankie and also the adoption process in New Zealand, life with a Newborn and the big question - do they want more kids? 

Christian and Mark share their lives on Instagram through @lovefromyourdads with informative content about the Adoption process and life as new dads. Christian talks about the community he has found through the platform which is such a positive way of looking at social media. 

Christian also takes us through adjusting to life with Frankie, Marks experience with Post Natal Depression and day to day life with a newborn. 

Thanks for joining me on the Podcast Christian! I hope you enjoy the episode. 

Jordyn Gregory