Episode 48 - Chavvah & Hudson

In Episode 48 of Kiwi Birth Tales I speak with Chavvah about the birth of her son Hudson. Chavvah had a textbook pregnancy until week 24 when she was walking home from work and thought she had wet her pants, as it turns out Chavvah had started to lose her waters and she was immediately admitted to hospital on constant bedrest.

Chavvah takes us through her experience with being in hospital, not knowing what was going to happen, but also remaining positive through out the entire experience and how this had an impact on their journey.

Hudson was born at 25+4 weeks vaginally and was then in the NICU for 86 days. Chavvah talks about their experience in the NICU, her afterbirth care as she was passed on from the community Midwife to the hospital care and also their experience bringing Hudson home.

Chavvah has such a lovely presence and I hope you get as much from her story as I did. If you want to check out their family on Instagram you can do so @chavvahharlock

Jordyn Gregory