Episode 25 - Caitlin, Kyrie & Kemba

In Episode 25 I speak with Caitlin about her two birth stories, her first with her Daughter Kyrie and second with Son Kemba. Caitlin talks through her first birth in which she was induced and ended up needing ventouse and forceps to deliver, bringing 1.5 year old Kyrie into the world. 

Caitlin then takes us through her pregnancy and birth with Son Kemba - Caitlin was told it looked as though she had gestational diabetes late in her pregnancy, however at 38 weeks Caitlin noticed reduced movements and was concerned, after a midwife check it was discovered there was no heartbeat, but Caitlin needed to go to the hospital to have this confirmed. In shock Caitlin and her Partner rushed to the hospital, only to be told another 2 times that there was no heartbeat and they had lost their baby. Caitlin was induced and gave birth to Kemba in the Hospital surrounded by friends and family, describing the birth as empowering while still grieving, like her body knew what it was doing the second time around. 

Caitlin talks about processing this trauma, dealing with day to day life as a Mum when going through such a painful time and also how she is coping 3 months on. Caitlin is an incredible Woman and I am so grateful she was willing to share her story with us all. 

Thanks for joining me on the Podcast Caitlin. 

Jordyn Gregory