Episode 43 - Brooke & Phoebe

In Episode 43 of Kiwi Birth Tales I speak with Brooke about the birth of her daughter Phoebe. Brooke takes us through her extreme sickness for the majority of her pregnancy and also finding out that her Daughter only had 1 Kidney. 

When Brooke went into labour she expected it to be a long time until birth as baby had been posterior a few days earlier, but she quickly progressed in her labour at home and went to the Hospital at 7cm. From there it was a quick birth for Brooke and Phoebe was born a happy and healthy 10 pounds. 

Brooke needed 12 external stitches and talks us through her experience with this, as well as the issues she had with Breastfeeding. Brooke was exclusively pumping until it started to take too much of a toll on her mental health and soon her baby was sleeping in the night when she was still waking to pump. Brooke discusses her feelings of Mum Guilt over this and her experience in dealing with these issues. 

Thanks so much for joining me on the Podcast Brooke! 

Jordyn Gregory