Episode 20 - Bridget, Nixon, Noah & Sonny

In Episode 20 I speak with Bridget about the births of her 3 boys Nixon, Noah and Sonny. All boys were born Vaginally but have 3 quite different stories. During Nixons birth Bridget was induced but Nixons head was stuck which made for difficultly bringing him into the world. After he was born Bridget had a lot of bleeding so she was rushed away to find the cause, which was never really discovered. Nixon had a tongue tie that was missed and their breastfeeding journey was a difficult one. 

The birth of Noah was the opposite for Bridget, she went into labour naturally at home and arrived at the Hospital just in time for Noahs birth - 13 mins after they got to the hospital to be exact. Bridget had a large amount of blood loss again so was rushed away to find the cause. 

Bridget was determined to have a different experience with her third birth, Sonny. She research birthing affirmations and prepared mentally for the birth more than she had done previously. Bridget was induced at 38 weeks due to Gall Bladder issues, but the experience was one Bridget found healing - she reached down to pull Sonny out on the last push, a moment she will never forget. 

If you want to check out Bridget and her tribe of boys on Instagram you can do so @bridget.madar

Jordyn Gregory