Episode 32 - Bekah, Maia and Kobe

In Episode 32 of Kiwi Birth Tales I talk with Bekah Woods about the births of her Daughter Maia and Son Kobe. Bekah takes us through her first positive birthing experience in a Birth Centre, her breastfeeding journey and adjusting to life with a newborn. 

She then takes us through her second pregnancy and labour where she was at home, she had practised hypnobirthing techniques and ended up going into labour at 41 + 6. However Kobe ended up being a footling breech baby, causing serious complications where he needed full resuscitation and spent 9 days in the NICU to prevent brain injury due to lack of oxygen at birth. 

Bekah talks about dealing with the unexpected complications during her second birth, how her Daughter coped through out the time away from her parents and also life as a Mum of two. 

Thanks for joining me on the podcast Bekah!  

Jordyn Gregory