Episode 29 - Annelise, Tallulah & Coco

In Episode 29 I talk with Annelise from Future Foody. Annelise had planned for a Water Birth in a Birthing Centre, however Tallulah had other ideas - Annelise was induced at 40+5 due to reduced feotal movement and after a long labour Tallulah made her way into the world with the help of forceps, the last step before needing a Cesarean. 

Annelise then takes us through the birth of baby Coco, which was a scheduled induction just after 41 weeks however Annelise went into labour spontaneously and Coco was born 3 hours later. 

Annelise talks about her two very different experiences and how that impacted her mental health post birth, their breastfeeding journey and adjusting to life with two children. 

Thanks for joining me on the Podcast Annelise, if you want to check them out on Instagram head to @anneliseclarke or @futurefoody to find out more about their amazing NZ business. 

Jordyn Gregory