Episode 45 - Amber & Rome

In this episode of Kiwi Birth Tales I talk with Amber Reid about the birth of her son Rome. Amber is a Kiwi and so is her partner, they live in Newcastle Australia and Amber gave birth in one of the local hospitals there.

Amber takes us through her quick journey falling pregnant, adjusting to her changing pregnancy body, doing an online hypnobirthing course and then into her labour and birth experience. Amber had a fast labour and spent some time in the pool in hospital however it wasn't full enough at the time when she needed to push so instead moved to the shower where she gave birth to baby Rome.

Amber talks about her experience after leaving the hospital (only a few short hours after giving birth) and how she is finding life as a new mum.

Thanks so much for joining me on the Podcast Amber! If you want to check Amber and her family out on Instagram you can do so @amberriedx

Jordyn Gregory