Episode 51 - Aleisha, Max & Millie

In Episode 51 of Kiwi Birth Tales I speak with Aleisha about the births of her two children, Max and Millie. Aleisha talks through her initial anxiety around giving birth and how both her and her partner read Ina May Gaskins book Guide to Childbirth which completely changed their mindset. After reading the book Aleisha and her partner decided on a Homebirth for their first child, supported by their amazing midwife and they had a quick and positive experience at home, all relaxing in their own comforts an hour after birth. 

Aleisha fell pregnant while still breastfeeding Max and immediately knew she wanted to have another homebirth which was again a positive and calm experience for all involved. Aleisha takes us through her journey of recovery after both children, including how her and her partner approach Mental Health Days during the post partum period and what helped her recover physically. 

Thanks for joining me on the Podcast Aleisha! 

Jordyn Gregory