Episode 33 - Alana and Duncan

In Episode 33 of Kiwi Birth Tales I speak with Alana Swain about the birth of her first son Duncan. Alana takes us through falling pregnant the first 'try' and her relatively easy going pregnancy - experiencing some nausea and exhaustion in the first trimester, then smooth sailing from there. 

Alana swears by hypnobirthing and loved using the techniques during her labour and birth, choosing to be at the Birth Centre felt like the right fit for her. After testing positive for Strep B, when she went into labour she needed to go to the Hospital to have antibiotics intravenously, but was then allowed to go home and continue labouring as she hadn't progressed far enough to go to the Birth Centre. 

When Alana later arrived at the Birth Centre she spent some time in the bath and ended up needing an episiotomy to help Duncan make his way into the world. 

Alana experienced some late stage Post Natal Depression which she talks us through, as well as her tips for adjusting to life with a newborn. 

Thanks for joining me on the Podcast Alana - if you want to check their lovely family out on Instagram you can do so @gratefulmumnz

Jordyn Gregory