Hello, my name is Jordyn Gregory.

I am from Tauranga, New Zealand, and I am a Human Resources Business Partner by profession.

I am a Kiwi Girl who has spent the last 3 years living in Australia, building my career and working my butt off to achieve the things I wanted to in that time. A big shake up came when my partner Joe was offered a Waterpolo contract playing in Italy. So I packed my bags and headed over there with him. I am taking a ‘career break’ and we are enjoying this time of our lives together, with me going back and forth between NZ and Europe when it works for us. We don’t have any children but I have always wanted to be a Mum - I still remember asking my Mum for a ‘pretend’ baby when I was way too old to be playing with dolls. I have always been interested in Pregnancy, Babies and all things Birth - I wanted to be a Midwife all through High School but a few things led me down a different path. I’m so grateful for the career opportunities I have had so far, but I am still passionate about working with Women and Babies in the future, as a Midwife or in a different capacity.

This break in my career is allowing me to focus on things I am passionate about, that I wouldn’t have the time to do while working full time.

My passion for this podcast comes from the recognition that there are so many Kiwi Women out there going through Conception, Pregnancy and Birth without sisters, friends or colleagues to talk to about what they’re going through - I think we can do better than that. New Zealand can be a society that typically doesn’t share their troubles or triumphs publicly, without realising their story could actually help a friend or a stranger in need. This podcast will act as a platform for those stories, connecting you all in hope that you find comfort, laughs and even tears as you make your way through each episode.

I love making this podcast for you all and I hope that you love listening.

Enjoy Kiwi Birth Tales because it was made for you.

J xx